Latin Class Activities

Lunae, XVI Septembris, MMXIX (Monday, 16 September, 2019)

  • Collect homework from Thursday “Expressions of Politeness & Permission Practice” (#’s 1-15 ONLY)
  • Quizlet Reviews:
  • Planning/Organizing Latin Conversational Skit 
    • Today:  planning on lined paper ONLY (i.e. no Google Docs)
    • Choose characters in the skit (who does/says what)
      • Remember!  Skit will be mostly in English with some Latin vocabulary.
    • Plan/map out your skit organizationally (what will happen in what order)
    • Continue to plan how you’ll use specific vocabulary terms in the skit.
  • Kinesthetic movements for 14 verb commands
    • desiste! (stop)
    • i! (go)
    • sede! (sit)
    • surge! (stand)
    • incipe! (start)
    • ambula! (walk)
    • scribe! (write)
    • crede! (believe)
    • obliga! (promise)
    • ama! (love)
    • habita! (live)
    • verte! (turn)
    • naviga! (sail)
    • specta! (watch)
  • Praescriptum Domesticum:
    • (a) look over 14 new vocabulary terms in “Verb Commands
    • (b) Politeness & Permission Practice (#’s 16-30)


Iovis, XII Septembris, MMXIX (Thursday, 12 September, 2019)

  • Quid est nomen tibi?  (what is your name?)
    • nomen mihi est Victoria.  (My name is Victoria.)
  • Quizlet, “Expressions of Politeness and Permission” (review the old and new vocabulary)
    • Magister Kobielnik’s suggestion:  use flashcards, choosing “answer with English.”
    • I’ve added a few brand new items to practice!
  • Freewriting:  Tell me about your experience saying “ego te amo” to someone!
  • Latin Skits:  Prewriting Activities.
    • Determine group roles
    • List all the ideas your group members came up with.
    • Determine your 3 favorite ideas; I’ll choose your topic from among these three.
    • Add yourself to our google classroom and have your group leader share the document.


Mercurii, XI Septembris, MMXIX (Wednesday, 11 September, 2019)

  • Warm-up:  Quid agis tu hodie?  7 responses (kinesthetics)
    • Ego te amoI love you.
    • Ego me amoI love myself.
  • Everyone finished answering Reading Comprehension questions 3, 4, & 5 (complete, well-written sentences).
  • What is a skit?  What does a skit look like?
    • Click here for a sample skit and some basic instructions.
  • We voted, and this year, the 8th graders WILL be saying the Pledge of Allegiance for the Veteran’s Day Assembly.
    • Please note:  you are not required to participate in Pledge-related activities for Latin class.
  • Praescriptum Domesticum:
    • Quizlet, “Expressions of Politeness and Permission” (review the old and new vocabulary)
      • Magister Kobielnik’s suggestion:  use flashcards, choosing “answer with English.”
    • Say “ego te amo” to someone in your family and explain what it means to them.
    • Come up with 2-3 ideas for a skit using Latin vocabulary; write these on the back of your skit paper.



Martis, X Septembris, MMXIX (Tuesday, 10 September, 2019)

  • Salve, Vale (song and lyrics)
  • Review:  new vocabulary (Quid agis, cur?  Ago pessime, Ago optime, etc.)
  • Unscramble activity (classwork/practice with Latin lyrics of the song)
  • Praescriptum Domesticum:  non est praescriptum domesticum hodie.


Lunae, IX Septembris, MMXIX (Monday, 9 September, 2019)

  • Free-drawing today in response to “How are you doing today?” (to be shared & collected)
  • Conversational Latin
    • Quid agis?  How are you?/What’s up?
    • Quid agis tu hodie?  How are you doing today?
    • Ago optime.  I’m doing great!
    • Ago pessime.  I’m doing horribly!
    • Ago satis bene.  I’m doing so-so.
    • Ago bene.  I’m doing well.  
    • Ago male.  I’m doing bad(ly).  
    • Ago non male.  I’m not doing badly.
    • Ago non bene.  I’m not doing well.
  • Scenarios (group work):  read the five scenarios with your group & determine which response fits best.
  • Quizlet, “Expressions of Politeness and Permission” (review the old and new vocabulary)
    • Magister Kobielnik’s suggestion:  use flashcards, choosing “answer with English.”
  • Praescriptum Domesticum:  review old and new vocabulary expressions; get “Una Regula” paper signed and return it to me by Wednesday.


Veneris, VI Septembris, MMXIX  (Friday, 6 September, 2019)

  • I collected study guides and any remaining “Quinque Nomina Latina” papers.
  • Quomodo Dicitur “salve” Anglice?  (How do you say “salve” in English?)
  • QUIZ!  (30 points) – absent today?  You’ll be making this up when I see you again.
  • “”Salve, Vale” (Beatles in Latin)
    • We translated the Latin lyrics into English.
  • Praescriptum Domesticum:  non est praescriptum domesticum hac fine hebdomadis.  (no homework)


Iovis, V Septembris, MMXIX  (Thursday, 5 September, 2019)

  • Entrance Ticket:  Politeness & Permission (4 points)
    • “Quiz mode”
  • Quizlet, “Expressions of Politeness and Permission
  • Salve, Vale” (Beatles in Latin)
  • Rereading DL 1-5 (whole class)
  • How To:  complete, well-written sentences.
    • RC Questions #’s 1-3 only.
  • Praescriptum Domesticum:
    • “Quinque Nomina Latina” can be submitted as late as Friday, 9/6.
    • Expressions of Politeness/Permission study guide (salmon-colored)
    • Quiz Friday, 9/6 (L>E) – 30 points.


Mercurii, IV Septembris, MMXIX  (Wednesday, 4 September, 2019)

  • Entrance ticket (partnered) – Politeness & Permission.
  • Names Paper (white, 2-sided) returned; resubmit by 2:25 PM today at the latest.
  • Walkaround Review (cards: question/answer)
  • Reading in DL text:  pages 2-5 (cold read – independent & quiet)
  • Brief review of QNL assignment (see below)
  • Praescriptum Domesticum:


Martis, III Septembris, MMXIX  (Tuesday, 3 September, 2019)


Mercurii, XXVIII Augusti, MMXIX  (Wednesday, 28 August, 2019)

  • Classroom procedures: class entrance/exit; materials; talking; independent & group work; homework.
  • Nomina (names)
    • Discussion – partners, whole-class
    • “De Nomine Meo” (About my Name) – side one.
    • Latin Names Lists:
  • Praescriptum Domesticum:
    • “De Nomine Meo” – side two.



Martis, XXVII Augusti, MMXIX  (Tuesday, 27 August, 2019)

  • It was very nice to meet all of you wonderful students!
  • Magister (Mr.) Kobielnik verified spelling & pronunciation of names.
  • We discussed (small groups and whole-class) our experiences and aspirations.
  • Conversational Latin:  salve (hell0), vale (goodbye), surge (stand up), sede (sit down)
  • Praescriptum Domesticum:
    • Say “salve” & “vale” to two different people over age 18
    • Think about:  do you like your (first) name?  Why or why not?