Salvete omnes! (Hello everybody!)

photo Hello!  I’m Mr. Kobielnik; most students call me “Mr. K.”

My wife and I live near Brandywine School District; we have a very enthusiastic pug puppy named Chompsky J. Kobielnk.  As a family, the Kobielniks enjoy reading, watching birds, debating, expressing ourselves creatively in poetry and art, and chewing bones.  Well, some of us like some of that stuff, anyway! I enjoy teaching very much.  Before moving to Brandywine, I taught English for a year at Hershey Middle School; this is my ninth year teaching Latin at BHMS, and I can’t imagine being in a better community of kids. I am currently finishing my Master’s Degree in English at Millersville University, where I earned degrees in both English and Philosophy way back in 2004.  I’ve always been interested in ancient languages:  Greek, Old and Middle English, and Latin.  I earned certification to teach Latin in 2007, and plan to begin working on a second Master’s Degree in Classical Studies in 2017.  I have a passion for learning, and hope to pass my enthusiasm on to you (my students) every day, along with some strategies that will help you succeed in your future English, History, and Foreign Language studies. We have much to learn and many good times ahead this year!  Please don’t hesitate to see let me know immediately if you ever have issues with which I can help you.  You can reach me via email at